Valued Clientele

With Whom I Have Worked


Walt Disney

When Disney approached us with the idea of the 
"The Mickey Page Flip" project, we were confident that it was going to be a success. We were able to collaborate on a series of fantastic animations which incorporated the vintage Steamboat Willie along side modern 3d animation. 


Metro Goldwin Mayer

Metro Goldwin Mayer tasked us to produce the "World Is Not Enough Title Sequence" for the infamous James Bond film series. This project incorporated complete digital environments and layout work in conjunction with projected live footage from the move.  It was an honor to be a part of this iconic series. 


Apple Computer

It was a pleasure to be involved with the creation of the Iconic Apple "Silhouette" commercial. This highly graphic commercial incorporated 3d animation in conjunction with live action dancers to bring a colorful Robert Longo inspired Men In The City vibe to life for the Apple ecosphere.


National Geographic

I was pleased to be a part of the National Geographic "Fight Science" series. This project included over 30 minutes of layout work done in close collaboration director John Brenkus and involved using motion capture data and digital characters in conjunction with live actors and background footage. 



The Heineken International  "Heineken Crush" commercial presented and interesting challenge as it incorporated the use of 3d animation and dynamics in conjunction with practical miniatures to pull off the vision of the project for the client. In the end it was flawless and we look forward to working with the Heineken team on future spots. 



The Anheuser Busch, Inc "Manny the Cockatoo/Run" commercial for Bud Light Beer featured Manny the Brazilian fighting Cockatoo who is tasked to guard the Bud Light in the kitchen. This project required 3d tracking and integration in order to animate the bird digitally talking and interacting with live actors.



We’ve been working with this client on a wide range of projects so when Lexus approached us with the "Lexus Arcade" and "Lexus Warehouse" commercials we were eager to bring these projects to life. The Warehouse commercial involved recreating detailed physical models in 3d and bringing them to life with computer animation. 



We’ve been working with this client on a wide range of projects including "Jeep Liberty Fireworks" and the "Jeep Mansion" commercials. The jeep Liberty commercial required complex matching and integration with live set pieces and a 3d visualized version of The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We can’t wait to partner with Jeep again soon.



The Coca Cola Corporation has been a repeat client and I had the pleasure of working on both the "Coke Owls" and "Coke Snowflake" commercials. The  Owls spot presented the complex tack of digitally recreating the real owls seen in Harry Potter and integrating these animated birds into live action plates. 



The Pepsi Corporation brought us a Twist with this spot, "Pepsi Disguise" which involved me and one other artist recreating digital marquette's of live action actors which revealed hidden celebrities under a digital skin which peeled away for the reveal. We also pulled off a digital reveal of a Pepsi Can for the New Pepsi Twist product. 



UPS has been a repeat client and tasked us with the "UPS Anthem" and "UPS Logistics" commercials. These projects included complex space scenes that were fully visualized in 3d as well as Logo Animations and visualizations of the UPS shipping pipeline.


Wells Fargo

The Wells Fargo "Shadow" commercial was a unique challenge in that it required complex integration of shadows into pre shot 2d plates. This required extensive environment modeling and match moving in order to bring the clients vision to life. In the end, me and one other artist accomplished the task.



The Porsche "Overdrive" Commercial was a unique challenge as it involved compilated Pre Production layout work. The 30 second single shot commercial incorporated the use of a motion control rig whose movements were fully previsualized in Post Production in order to save the client valuable time and money in production.


The Hundai "Sheet Metal" commercial, taking inspiration from the mercuric transformations first seen in The Terminator, presented a unique post production challenge. Along with one other artist, we completed the entire spot in record time and fully fulfilled the vision of our client.